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December 2018

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 ps4 players

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PostSubject: ps4 players    Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:21 am

m going to start today assembling a pro team, a competitive team and a skrim suad for ps4 on UMG, CWL, gamersaloon and battlefy. PRO team will play in cash only and pro point events as well as any battlefy events we host. competitive will getr our name our there by smashing the mlg $4000 team ladder and the $9000 umg ladder as well as battlefy events. im looking at a roster of 12 potential players, 4 of which will be in the pro team. if u think u have what it takes, u can contact me to 1v1 any of the pro player roster in the "pros" choice of map, host and gamemode. if u beat them, u are now on the pro roster and they r demoted to competitive. competitive will consist of 12 players, below that is our skrim suad. I will be paying entry for the pro roster to enter in all 50 series cwl pro curcuit tournaments. Just so you know, ive played the pro curcuit, its brutal. very first round we played xotic formerly from Team Kaliber, Royalty, formorly from NadeShots 100Theives, BLFire and ALG captain RemRossTheBoss. if u want to see how that turned out here is a video: second round we played vectorprime from youtube. brutal i say. add crack_killz9891 on psn with ha message that says "esports" and lets get to work!


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ps4 players
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